"We fitted a CAT anti-corrosion system to our Toyota LandCruiser wagon in 2003. This vehicle has been used as a work vehicle, and to launch and retrieve a boat in and out of the ocean on the South Coast on regular occasions. Thirteen years later there are  still no sign of rust;  best little “Pussy CAT” ever !   Would strongly recommend "

Ted Francis – 19/8/2016, Corrigin Western Australia

"I have had one of these systems installed in my last seven cars. When I came to trading them in they were absolutely pristine, inside and under body. My new motor home which is presently under construction deserves one too. Great Product, anyone not using one have no idea what they are missing.  Keep on keeping on....."

Jack Scheele - 17/5/2015, Sunshine Coast QLD

"I have had a cat system fitted to my 1990 model Toyota Landcruiser for around 10 years. I live in a small coastal town in Tasmania Australia and regularly drive on coastal sand dunes and launch a boat off the beach. I rarely wash the vehicle and I never polish it. The paint work even has some scratches through to bare metal. After 10 years of neglect in a harsh environment the bodywork has virtually no rust , even the bare metal scratches have only very light surface rust. I believe the Cat system is very efficient and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to minimize rust damage to their vehicle."

Stuart Fleming - 12/12/2013, East Coast Motorcycles

"Our company is located on Mermaid Beach in the Gold Coast Queensland. During the last 6 years or so we have installed well over 100 CAT SYSTEM electronic rust control units on high rise outside air conditioners which operate from main power by way of a reducer from 240 to 13 volts. These air conditioners are exposed to salt air 24 hours a day.

In all that time there has been only one failure, the air conditioner rusted because CAT SYSTEM connection was not switched on!

At all times we have found Roe Marketing and CAT Systems Australia most professional to deal with, providing excellent service and marketing a high quality unit with a most satisfactory performance result.

I have no hesitation in recommending CAT SYSTEM for vehicles and in particular units installed on our air conditioners for complete rust protection."

Brian Doyle - 4/11/2013, L&M Electronics Pty Ltd