Solar Charger Kit

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High efficiency solar panel  – An off grid solution to keeping your 12V batteries topped up. The dust and weather resistant panel features a robust frame, and is supplied with 3m long leads terminated with battery clips. Fitted with a blocking diode, so they are suitable for direct connection to your battery as a trickle charger (take note of the minimum battery capacity), or as a low current charger to replace a load or current drain on the battery.

Additional information

Weight818 g
Dimensions26 × 2.5 × 21.6 cm

Solar panel type – Monocrystalline
Current at Power Max – 290mA
Voltage at Power Max – 17.4V
Short Circuit Current – 310mA
Open Circuit Voltage – 21.8V
DC Voltage Rating – 12V
Maximum Power Rating – 5W

Packaged Volume – 1.3975L
Packaged Weight – 818g
Packaged Length – 26cm
Packaged Width – 21.5cm
Packaged Height – 2.5cm

Cable Length – 3m
Item Width – 25.1cm
Item Height – 20.5cm
Item depth – 1.8cm
Item weight – 670g

Warranty: 60 Months