What is Electronic Rust Prevention?

Electronic Rust Protection / Proofing is the use of electricity to suppress rust development on steel. There are various forms of electronic rust protection, some technologies have been in daily use protecting ocean-going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.

How does CAT work?

The CAT basically interferes with the naturally occurring electro-chemical rusting process. (See details here)

How difficult is it to install a CAT unit? Can I do it myself?

Yes. It is simple to install yourself – everything you need is supplied within the package. Installation time should be less than 90 min.  If you prefer not to install it yourself, you can take it to your local auto electrician or mechanic.

Is CAT protection expensive?

No.  With the average price of a vehicle in Australia costing around $50,000, the purchase and installation of a CAT system will only represent around 1% of the vehicle’s value. However future rust repairs on unprotected vehicles may cost thousands. CAT Electronic rust protection is a cheap and worthwhile investment for any vehicle.

Does the CAT system come with a warranty or guarantee?

Yes. The CAT system itself comes with a 10-year product replacement guarantee should the unit fail electronically.  For the domestic Australian market CAT also guarantees vehicles less than 10 years old will not develop rust and should this happen CAT will repair the rust. (See our full Terms and Conditions Here.)

Will CAT interfere with any electronic devices that are already on my vehicle, such as the computer or car alarm?

No. CAT works like any other electronic device on your vehicle and will not affect any other electronics or onboard computers.

Will CAT be effective on a vehicle that has existing rust?

Yes. The CAT system can help but it cannot produce the large amount of energy needed to restore the metal. This makes reversing the reaction well beyond the capability of the system

Is it really necessary to install CAT onto a brand new vehicle that has an existing factory warranty?

Definitely. It is best to have protection from day one and even though new vehicles come with a factory warranty, rust usually forms from the inside out and so there could be rust present during your warranty period that only becomes visible after your warranty expires.

What if my vehicle already has spray-on rustproofing or undercoating?

CAT electronic rust protection is fully compatible with any undercoating or spray-on type rustproofing application.

Is it practical to install CAT if I’m only keeping my vehicle for a couple of years?

Yes. What if your plans change? Wouldn’t it be nice if your vehicle held up longer when times are tough? Let’s say you do only keep your vehicle for more than a couple of years, are you one of the few people that aren’t concerned about the resale value? When you show a potential buyer or dealer that you have taken extra measures to protect the vehicle from rust, don’t you think that in itself would increase the value? Even if you decide none of the points made above are of concern to you, the CAT system can be transferred to your next vehicle

Will CAT drain my battery?

No. CAT draws less than 35 milliamps current which is less then than most vehicle alarm systems. If your battery voltage drops by other means, e.g. leaving your lights on, then the electronic unit has a smart sensor that automatically shuts the unit off, so as not to damage your battery, and switches back on when the voltage returns to normal.

Will CAT be effective on larger vehicles such as large 4WD’s or trucks?

Yes. The CAT system is available in sizes ranging from 2 Pads through to 12 Pads.We have a CAT System available for any size vehicle.

Can I fit CAT to a vehicle with a 24-volt battery?

Yes. CAT comes as a standard 12/24 volt system. No additional hardware is needed.