Use this Selection Guide to find which CAT System best suits your requirements
  • Select "Select Vehicle / Equipment Type" 1. Single Cab Utility2. Dual Cab Utility3. Sedan4. Wagon or SUV5. Van or People Mover less than 9 seats6. Motorcycle or ATV7. Trucks, Buses, Machinery8. Air Conditioner

  • Select "Tray Type" 1. Steel Tray2. Alloy Tray
  • Select "Chassis Length" 1. Less than 7m2. 7m to 10m3. Greater Than 10m
  • Select "Air Conditioner Size" 1. <10kw2. >10kw
  • Select "Vehicle Use" 1. On Road2. Off Road3. Beach Use - Occasional4. Beach Use - Frequent5. Snow6. Construction, Mining, Agriculture
  • Select "Vehicle Condition" 1. Brand New - No Rust2. Some Surface Rust3. Moderate - Heavy Rust
  • Installation ? (DIY Fitting is Recommended)1. I will install it myself2. I will need it installed
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