About CAT Systems Australia

About CAT Systems Australia


CAT is Proudly Australian Owned and Operated.

CAT Systems has been the innovator in high-performance Electronic Rust Protection products for 25+ years. The CATIII Electronic Rust Protection System is the very latest in technology, designed to protect your most prized asset in the harshest environmental conditions. Not only do our products protect against rust, they also reduce the time, effort and cost associated with maintaining the condition of your vehicle.

“Our goal is to ensure that our products and service are the benchmark by which the competition is measured.”

An Innovative Product for Harsh Conditions.

Through 25+ years of experience, and a continual research our team has been able to combine break-through innovation with gradual improvement to deliver the #1 electronic anti-rust protection system in the world - "The CAT system is a leap forward in innovation". Through testing and research CAT has developed a superior and versatile product that consistently delivers outstanding results.

Your Partner in the War Against Rust!

The CAT system helps in extending the life of vehicles and mobile assets, reducing maintenance costs, while maintaining the resale value. This saves the owners money while providing peace of mind. This is what sets CAT apart and positions us as the worlds #1 Electronic Rust Protection Company.


Our systems are certified to Australian/New Zealand, the US and European electromagnetic compliance standards guaranteeing the system won’t interfere with computers, electronic devices or the human body in any way. All systems are built to ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing and procedural requirements ensuring a quality product every time.


CAT systems are backed by strong after sales service and technical support.

Our Promise to Our Customers.

We care about people, the vehicles they drive and the assets they own. We operate with integrity and honesty in everything we do. Customer satisfaction is more important than profit. CAT endeavor's to help our customers save money, provide them with the best product, warranty, and service in our industry. CAT is also committed to continue developing an environmentally friendly product that helps improve the communities we live in.


All CAT systems are covered by a 10-year product replacement guarantee. For the local Australian market we also provide a vehicle corrosion warranty for up to 10 years. (Terms and pre-qualifying conditions do apply)

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