Electronic Rust-Suppression Systems




Other Uses....

  • Motorbikes, ATV's
  • Gen Sets, Lighting Towers, Forklifts
  • Air-Conditioner Outdoor Units (small)

FOR 4WD'S & SUV'S...

Other Uses....

  • Trucks, Buses, Tractors.
  • Caravans, Campers, RV's
  • Air-Conditioner Outdoor Units (large)


great reasons to choose electronic rust protection !

  • Suitable for New and Used vehicles.
  • Operates on both 12V and 24V - suitable for cars, trucks, buses, trucks etc.
  • Low 30mA current draw - will not send your battery flat.
  • Will not interfere with existing automotive electronics.
  • Suppresses rust, inside and outside, which sprays cannot do.
  • The system is good for the car’s entire lifetime—no re-treatment required.
  • Designed Aussie-tough for the harshest conditions.10-year-warranty
  • Easily installed (DIY fitting is encouraged).
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle.
  • 100% safe to the user and the environment.
  • Over 25 years customer satisfaction.
  • Solid State Components - Latest Technology.
  • Sealed unit  - totally moisture and shock proof.
  • Multi function LED displays system status at a glance.
  • Slows paint oxidation (from anecdotal evidence).


Why Choose a CAT ?

CAT provides a system, not just a gadget !  Not all electronic rust suppression systems are the same ! CAT uses technology that interferes with the natural electro-chemical rusting process and is effective on ‘free air structures’ like motor vehicles and machinery, it is CAT’s attention to detail that sets us apart. You can be assured that everything associated with CAT is quality and with a CAT system protecting your asset there is nothing in the world that could be doing a better job. CAT are the leaders in electronic rust prevention with over 25 years of experience built around research, testing and tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Australia and around the world.

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