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Keep your 4WD / CAR / TRUCK free of rust -
don't allow RUST in!

The CAT Electronic Anti-Corrosion System has been designed by certified engineers with over 40 years experience in electronic rust protection and electronic rust prevention.

Since its introduction in 1987 the CAT System has undergone continual testing and development. Today the CATIII System is recognised World Wide as the most effective anti-corrosion system available.

Modular design with multiple "Sensor Pad" configurations means the CATIII is suitable for any size vehicle or machine. The standard heavy duty "2 Pad" system will suit most passenger and 4WD vehicles, but for added protection in harsh conditions we also have 4, 6 and 8+ Pad configurations available. (see Applications and Uses)

CAT is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Features of the CAT SYSTEM

tick The CAT is high powered and compact.
tick The CAT is easy to install (DIY installation is recommended).
tick The CAT is suitable for cars, 4WD's, trucks, machinery and structures.
tick The CAT module employs state of the art embedded computer controls.
tick The CAT is laboratory tested and proven effective. (see reports)
tick The CAT will not flatten your vehicle battery - 11.8V low voltage cut-off.
tick The CAT will not interfere with other electronic devices.
tick The CAT reduces static electricity effects like static zap.
tick The CAT is a sealed unit that is impact and moisture resistant.
tick The CAT will compliment underbody rust applications.
tick The CAT can be transferred to your next car (with new sensors).
tick The CAT has a 10 year warranty for new cars (up to 2yrs old) in
       Australia. 8 Year warranty for commercials & 4x4's.
The CAT Electronic Anti Corrosion System has been
       laboratory tested and proven by Donald Harrison,
       MIEE, CE, CBE, DFH, an eminent physicist (UK), E.T.R.S.
       Metallurgists, M.I. Metallurgists (Australia), C.R.I.Q.
       Laboratories (Canada)- 9 tests. (see reports)

cross No Harmful chemicals with electronic rust proofing.
cross No Holes drilled in chassis or doors.
cross No Messy sprays required with electronic rust inhibitor.
cross No Smell or drip stained driveways.
cross No Unsightly oversprays on panels or under the bonnet.
cross No Further maintenance required after installation.
cross No Unscrewing panels or removing light fittings.

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